How to Get Traffic With Semrush 2022

how to get traffic with semrush

How to Get Traffic With Semrush 2022

To make sure that our website is performing well in search results, we need to perform various analyzes. There are tens or even hundreds of tools with which we can perform such analyzes. One of them is SEMrush. In this post, I will introduce Semrush tool and you will be able to learn to identify your website’s shortcomings, do keyword research, perform competitor analysis and compare, and even more.

This content contains a wealth of information about your domain, keywords, competitors, and pages. At the same time, I would like to state that you will identify some advertising opportunities thanks to this content.

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What is SEMrush?

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool that can help you drive organic traffic to your website. Semrush will allow you to perform keyword research and find out what keywords your competitors are using, as well as determine how effectively they’re using them. You’ll also get information on their click-through rates, search volume, and more. Once you know what keywords your competitors are using, you can incorporate those keywords into your own site in order to increase traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

4 Main Features of Semrush Tool

The vehicle has 4 main features. These are Domain Name Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Projects, and GAP Analysis.

Domain Analysis is domain-specific. You type a domain name (for example, “”) into the search bar and you’ll find valuable information about it.

Keyword Analysis is keyword-driven. You write a keyword related to your brand (for example, “what is a deep link”) and you get the details about that keyword.

The Projects section is usually specific to a field. If you are a professional working for multiple clients, this section is for you. Add your projects and start an audit for the websites you serve.

GAP Analysis is the section where you can compare up to 5 domain names. You can perform analyzes with 3 different features “backlink”, “keyword” and “collective”.

Domain Name Analysis (Domain Analytics)

To perform Domain Name analysis, it will be sufficient to log in to Semrush, type your site address in the “Domain Overview” option on the top left, and then type your site address in the search section on the page that opens and click the Search button.

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All Reports

  • Organic Research
  • Backlinks (Backlinks)
  • Advertising Research
  • PLA Research (PLA Search)
  • Display Advertising (Display Advertising)
  • Traffic Analysis (Traffic Analytics)
  • Domain Name Comparison (Domain vs. Domain)
  • Keywords Overview
  • Advanced Keyword Tool (Keyword Magic Tool)
  • Backlink Comparison (Backlink Gap)
  • Bulk Analysis

Organic Search

On this report screen, you will be able to see the number of your keywords in the top 100 results of Google search results, their positions, estimated costs per click and estimated traffic. You can see these details separately as mobile and desktop. In addition, in the middle of the screen, your data for the entire time period is located. On the right side of this data, you can examine the percentage of traffic coming from search engines through which feature (video, search, featured snippet, image).

semrush organic search

Just below the screenshot you see above is an area showing your most popular keywords. In this section, you can reach the volumes of your keywords, the traffic they bring and their average position.

Of course, the Organic Research section is not limited to the above. Other Organic reports are as follows;

  • Position Changes
  • competitors
  • Pages
  • Subdomains
  • URL

When you enter the position changes feature section, you can examine the words that have new exits and lost positions. When you click on the Lost section, you can see the words that lose their position, and when you click on the improved section, you can see the ones whose position is improved.

In the competitor analysis section, you can see your closest competitors. SemRush draws this analysis from your common keywords. I definitely recommend checking out this place.
In the Pages feature, you will be able to see and review your most frequently used and most trafficked pages. Do you want to know how much traffic your pages get from how many words?


I suggest you pay particular attention to the “Authority Score” and “Trust Score” statistics at the top of the report. The higher these numbers (Authority Score), the higher the benefit to your site. Of course, it is not correct to look only at the authority on backlinks. Is it really a website that is relevant to you? Will the link you get from there get you traffic? Will visitors who come after providing traffic be in a behavior? Please handle the backlink issue very carefully.

In backlinks report, you can also see your total number of connections, how many domains and different IP addresses these connections came from.

Again, on the screen I shared above, you can see new connections and lost resources. When you scroll down a little, you can see the source types, nofollow dofollow distribution, TLD and country report.

Advertising Search

If you are using Google AdWords, this report feature is for you. 🙂 Here you can find out how much your competitors have invested in which keywords, which ad texts they use for words and which pages they drive traffic to.

In this report, you can examine the position changes of the keywords, the traffic percentages provided by the words, and the trends of the words. This report will give you very good data about your competitor.

PLA Search

PLA stands for “Product Listing Ads”. It is a channel designed for e-commerce sites that sell PLA products online. Thanks to this feature, you can examine your competitors’ product listing ad performances and get ideas.

Display Advertising

In this report, you can review the number of ads served, how many publishers have shown the ads, and how many times the ads have appeared. You can access the country, device, ad type, publisher resources and ad images on the report screen. Imagine being able to detect which images your competitors are on which sites.

Traffic Analytics
The report presents traffic data. Desktop and mobile traffic data are presented separately in this report.

Semrush traffic analyze vahid sediqi

When you scroll down to the bottom of the report screen, you will see the traffic sources.

Keywords Overview

The SemRush keyword analysis report provides very good data. I definitely recommend you to use the Magic Tool feature.

Thanks to this report, you can analyze both your own site and competitor sites. In which keywords do your competitors rank and how much traffic do they get for that word? Are you curious about the answers to these questions? I think you will.


You can login to SemRush Homepage and simply add your project.

After adding your project, you can perform detailed site audit, location tracking, in-page audits and organic traffic analysis. You can also review your brand and content and get suggestions for improvement.

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