Learn about Boostrap 5 new features

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Learn about Boostrap 5 new features

In this short article I am going to share the 5 new features of Bootstrap 5 that that makes your life easier

1. Bootstrap 5 Documentation has been improved.

A new feature of Bootstrap 5 is the documentation has been improved there is more look and feel and more information specially when it comes to customization one of the issues with bootstrap in over years is that a lot of them seem to be the same, but in bootstrap 5 they have given more guidelines to customize your theme there is also a starter NPM project which is also available as a template in GitHub repo .

2. The new color palette has been added

bootstrap 5

In Bootstrap 5 we no longer uses the default colors provided by bootstrap, The color palette has also been expanded for me myfurther customization it has many different shades of different colors similar to other CSS framework like materialized.

3. No more JQuery.

No more jquery

The best part of all is there is no more JQuery , no more dependency on the JQuery library you just need the bootstrap JavaScript file although PopperJS is still used for tooltips it seems that they are trying to make version 5 future-friendly they have even dropped support for our Internet Explorer.

4. Form layout has been changed

The bootstrap form component and the documentation has also been updated the have redesigned the form control.

All check boxes, radios, select list and things like that they all have a custom appearance to unify the style and behavior across all operating systems and all browsers.

5. Utility API

It has a new utility API that is really nice they have created syntax in SASS to create our own utility on the fly and give us the ability to modify or remove the utilities that are already provided

This is a sample of width utility we can create a new file and over write it and we can also create our own.

6. The new Grid System

Bootstrap also has Enhanced Grid System there is new layout for Extra Small (XXL)

Gutter replaced with .g* using spacers.

7. SVG icons added to bootstrap 5

Now Bootstrap 5 also have its own icons so now we don’t have to use something like font-awesome you can use bootstrap icons which is SVG it has a really easy setup you can be installed by NPM.

Get Started

To open bootstrap 5 website Click here

NPM installation

npm i bootstrap@next

npm i [email protected]

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