WordPress speed optimizations with NitroPack


WordPress speed optimizations with NitroPack

First of all let’s talk about what causes the wordpress having slow performance?

WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. It is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system.

By default wordpress is completely optimized and Google-Friendly but the problem starts when we begin working on our website, downloading themes, third party plugins and uploading images which are not flexible for our website.

There are some main reason making our website have slow response time.

Images: When we upload an image for example a product image, and the product image size by default is 450 x 450 pixel and we add an image of 450 x 550 pixel, in this case the CSS and JavaScript files from the theme which we are using will resize our images on the fly and it takes time to resize and load the image and also images with huge size (250 kb +) will cause our website performer slow.

How to find the exact size of any image uses in WordPress theme?

To find the image size I recommend Google chrome developer tools simply right click on your web page and click on inspect and then click in the image you want to know the size and the image size will be displayed.

Unused JavaScript and CSS files.

Removing unused JavaScript and css files is a critical issue and also in some themes with animations and sliders there are some unnecessary JavaScript files that loads and causes our website to have a slow performance and we can find a lot of plugins that help us fix this problem but the plugins will cause our website break and some of the functionally of the website will not work properly.

Now let’s talk about All In One solution pack NitroPack.

NitorPack is a tool which solves all the performance issues, from image resizing to unwanted JavaScript files and by some clicking we can see the hug difference by analyzing our website in GTmetrix and Google Speed Test.

How to install and configure NitroPack

Navigate to https://nitropack.io/ and Sign up for a Free Account.

Fill in the form and enter you domain and then navigate to you dashboard and click on this icon.


Then click in the eye icon to display you API key

Nitropack API Key

After that come to you wordpress dashboard and install nitropack plugin

Navigate to plugin à click on add new and search for nitropack install and activate it

Copy and paste the site secret and site ID to plugin dashboard turn on Cache Warmup and click on connect to NitroPack and let the NitroPack do its work.

Then open each page of your website and scroll down and make sure your all pages loads completely and recheck your website in in GTmetrix and google speed test and feel the difference

Hope it helps you guys let me know if you have any question feel free to leave a comment below or just contact me I will try to find the better solutions.

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